2000-2005 Architect MAA from The Architect School of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Study of experimental architecture by Professor Nat Chard

1999 Mathematics study by Copenhagen University – concerning the relation between mathematics and art

1997 Residence on Ærø Folk School – School of Theatre

1995-1996 Drama study by Jytte Poulsen – Visual performance theatre


2004 Rum: ASTRAY I and Rum: ASTRAY II – 2 sight specific installations Radar 2004,Copenhagen

2004 Installation design for FlexVoices – interactive sound installation, Århus

2002 Come In – Go Out, Co-operation with Robert Wilson, part of Culture Bridge 2002, Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen

2003 Room installation at the Carlton Arms Hotel, N.Y.C.

2001 Installation by support arrangement for The Terra Nova Theatre, Copenhagen

2000 Art in the Command-central, Copenhagen

2000 Aliquid In Toto, Italian Culture Festival, Corzensa, Italy

Performance Installations

2005 Collage: RUM I, Junge Hunde 2005 – European Theatre Festival, he Entré Stage, Århus

2003 Come In – Go Out as a Installation-Performance at Junge Hunde 2003, European Theatre Festival, Copenhagen

2002 Garden installation at The Long House Benefit, N.Y.

2002 Time, The Other Opera, Copenhagen

2001 Time – Workshop, Terra Nova Theatre, Copenhagen

2001 Set design – BY-QBY 3:4:5, Terra Nova Theatre, Copenhagen

2000 Aliquid in Toto, Terra Nova Theatre, Copenhagen

1999 The Swineherd, Openair performance, Vesterbro Culture-week, Copenhagen

1998 Catwalk performance, the jubilee of Vesterbro Culture-house, Copenhagen

1998 Performance co-operation with Martha Gutierrez, Copenhagen + Berlin

Exhibition Design

2005 Assistant for Nat Chard, Institute for Cultural Policy,Hamburg

2004 Maya Lin, Wanås, Sweden

2003 Maya Lin/Finn Juhl, Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen

2000 Art in the Command-central, Copenhagen


2005 Light design on Asfaltengle, The Boldhouse Theatre, Copenhagen

2002-2004 participation at Watermill – workshop center of Robert Wilson

2000 Set and costume design to the movie Dystopia, The Danish Movie-workshop, Copenhagen

2000 Costume design, The Dance Stage, Copenhagen

1999 Set Designer assistant for Luca Ruzza by the production of Tempest(s), The Terra Nova Theatre, Copenhagen

1997 Opens Gallery Varia, Paintings and paint-installations, Copenhagen

Supported by:

The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, The BG-Bank Foundation, Copenhagen Culture Foundation, Radar, Kanonhallen, The Jubilee Foundation of the National Bank, The National Art Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation, Annie and Johs. Detlefs Foundation for the common good I, The Faberske Foundation, Grant Thornton, Merchant L.F.Foghts Foundation, Knud Højgaards Foundation, The Fire insurance of the Teaching Profession G/S, Gurli and Paul Madsens Foundation, The Nordea Denmark Foundation, The Obelske Family Foundation, The Oticon Foundation, The Ole Kirk Foundation, Barrister L.Zeuthens Memorial Grant